Saturday, September 02, 2006

100 Shameless Plugs

Its my blog so I can put whatever I want on here.

And today, I'm going to post a shameless plug for my show.

If you're in Sydney, come and check it out. We really need a crowd for next Wednesday's preview as someone from the Sydney Morning Herald is coming to do a review, so if you can be a bum on a seat it will only cost you $15! Normally it will cost you $27. Or $22 if you're one of those concessionary types.

Here endeth the plug.

Normal posting will resume shortly.

Hope you're all well, etc, etc.


kathie said...

Good luck!!!! Is this the one where you were wondering how you were going to go with glasses, due to you having to leap about the stage a lot (or something like that, lol!) Hope you're managing!

Magical_M said...

Thanks! And yes, it is. But luckily since (a) the show only runs for an hour; and (b) I know only have to put the drops in 3 hourly, I can wear my contacts for the duration of the show.


I really am such a vain person.

Magical_M said...

make that:

(b) I now...

I'm not wearing either glasses or contacts right at the minute.

MelbourneGirl said...

i would so be there if i was in sydney-town.

good luck.