Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yes Bevis, I hear you.

Just so you don't have to look at the Vote for Klancie post anymore... a quick catch up.

Boring, but since I'm rehearsing one play during the day and performing in another at night, my head is full of nothing but lines, lines, bloody lines (and blocking) so there's precious little room for anything else.

So... to catch y'all up on what I've been doing, here you go:

Fortnightly trips to the eye hospital. Its getting better, but far too slowly for my liking. Still no contact lens wearing allowed (not even for an hour on stage each night I was told on Friday!) and I still have to put those bloody drops in every two hours.


Our play opened two weeks ago. We got a very average review from one Mr S Dunne of the SMH, but then we knew this play wouldn't be his cup of tea... especially because he wanted to read the script before he came. Who does that?

HOWEVER, Jason Blake, also of the SMH gave us a very good review and there were two or three other reviews which were brilliant so we're a pretty happy little bunch.


Our houses have been shit. Five people on Wednesday, seven on Saturday... what's wrong with people? Its great theatre. Three out of four brilliant reviews say so. We give you free wine and beer before the show. The show only goes for an hour so you can still go out and party afterwards. Come on people. Support independent theatre!


I broke my toe in one of the opening scenes on Thursday. That was fun. I did almost the whole show (barefoot) trying not to put any weight on my left foot. Bit difficult when you have to jump around on boxes and so forth.

Ah well.

What else???

Klancie's still hanging in there. I like to think my votes are counting. Reigan is gone - THANK WHOMEVER! Lisa should be the next to go. I think she's trying to sound like Bjork. And heaven knows we don't need another Bjork in the world. At least she's not trying to look like her.


Another mate has just announced she's breeding. And another has just popped out her second. I really wish my friends would quit bloody breeding. Its very expensive.

Da Buddha turned 5 yesterday. She really is a wicked creature. She's taken to locking people out of the house. LOVE. IT. ENCOURAGE. IT.

I have a new flatmate. She brought a piano with her. Its most exciting. Or at least it will be when I actually have time to start playing it. Its like riding a bicycle right? You never forget? Let's hope so.

I'm still addicted to Dr Who and Grey's Anatomy. They're the only two TV shows I'm getting to watch at present. So many yummy Doctors...

But I must farewell... there is work to be completed and lines to be learned. Or is that learnt? Never quite sure which is which.

I have some days off coming up (what are they?!?!) so expect a little posting action to happen.

In the meantime, hope this has shut you up kept you happy Bevis my friend.

[insert one of those winky things here]



BEVIS said...


I think this might be the first time IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD that a post has been written expressly for - and to - ME!

I am much obliged.

PS - Who's the chick in the background of the shot used in the SMH review? She looks hottt!


Magical_M said...

Why thank you sir!


Flattered, I'm sure.

PS - I think she might be a BB housemate.

Susanne said...

I love it how you refer to it as 'breeding'. :)