Monday, September 25, 2006

Snaps for elaine!

Alright, I admit it. I had to coerce my way into getting tagged for this one.

Well, not really. I just begged elaine to tag me and she did. What a wonderful pirate she is.

1. Three things that scare me
- John Howard and George Bush. I consider them one and the same.
- Not succeeding (I really mean FAILURE, but I'm trying to put a positive spin on it here people. Work with me.)
- Intimacy

2. Three things that make me laugh
- Da Budda. She really is the devil incarnate. I wish I'd been that bolshi at the age of 5.
- David Tennant as Dr Who. I never knew Dr Who was that funny or witty (or sexy).
- My friends.

3. Three things I hate the most
- John Howard and George Bush and what they and their minions are doing to the world.
- Boys who wear their collars turned up. Its a seriously bad fashion statement lads - STOP. IT.
- Stupid people.

4. Three things I don't understand
- I have to reiterate elaine's first one... Why people keep voting in the Libs. They're EVIL.

- Mark Holden.
- Quantum physics. And compound fractions.

5. Three things I'm doing right now
- Well, um, this meme of course.
- Looking at the clock and realising that I should get to bed as I have to work at 9am tomorrow.
- Downloading bad songs from iTunes (damn that Ricky Muscat for singing Peter Cetera on Australian Idol tonight! I have a hankering for that song from the Karate Kid).

6. Three things I want to do before I die
- Have a book published.
- Co-star in a film with Luke Wilson.
- Breed (OH. MY. GOD. Did I just say that???). Of course combining two and three would be top of the list.

7. Three things I can do
- Cook an awesome roast.
- Type really fast.
- Sing pretty much any TV theme from the 80s.

8. Three ways to describe my personality
- Complete.

- (yet vaguely) Amusing.
- Nutter.

9. Three things I can't do
- Sew. I really suck at it. Even at the simple stuff like sewing on buttons.
- Maintain a relationship.
- Backbends in yoga.

10. Three things I think you should listen to
- Gut instinct. Something I don't listen to often enough.
- Mötley Crüe and KISS. Mandatory for everyone's iPod.
- Your Grandmother. You never know what gossip you might find out.

11. Three things you should never listen to
- Your censor. Read The Artist's Way and you'll understand.

- Sales assistants. Especially those who convince you that forking out $80 for foundation will make you look like a goddess.
- Members and supporters of the Liberal Party. I really, really had to reiterate that one elaine.

12. Three things I'd like to learn
- How to save money

- How to maintain an exercise regime
- How to poach eggs

13. Three favourite foods
- Cheese
- Chocolate
- Chicken, chips & gravy from Clem's Chicken Shop on King Street.

14. Three beverages I drink regularly
- Cordial (preferably Cottees Orange & Mango Light)
- Red Wine
- Coffee

15. Three shows I watched as a kid
- The Famous Five. I soooo wanted to be George.

- Happy Days. I only wanted to be Joanie when she was snogging Chachi. Oh and when she got to be backup singer for Leather Tuscadero.
- Magilla Gorilla. No one ever could tell me (or Ogee for that matter) how much that gorilla in the window actually cost.

16. Three people I'm tagging
- Whomever

- Cares
- To


MelbourneGirl said...

i can teach you how to poach eggs, but i think there are a few of us, nay HEAPS, that need to sign up to the Fluffy School of Sewing. if she'd be so kind.

[important with poaching eggs, put a decent splash of white vinegar in the water before you put the eggs in. just tip them in from a cup once at a time, make sure the water is boiling but slowly'ish. make sure there is enough water to cover the eggs properly. then just attend to them until the whites look set enough. easy peasy. good

Magical_M said...

thanks for the tip chef mg... i shall try it out tomorrow morning. is it ok to use a saucepan instead of a frypan? i think this is where my problem lies...

and yes. fluffy. sewing lessons please?

elaine said...

Oh and a time guide for the eggs:

toast down, eggs in.

When the toast pops up, the eggs will be done. Unless you have hard-core non-toasty toast. then put the toast down, wait a bit, then put the eggs in.

and...Don't boil! the water whilst the eggs are in, a gentle simmer will ensure you don't get all that white foamy icky stuff. Yes, that's a technical description.

And yes, a saucepan is ok.

Nicely done! (and it's YOU who saved me. I asked who hadn't been tagged)

richardwatts said...

Totally agree with you re the whole stupid shirt-collar-uppery business. What are those boys thinking?!

BEVIS said...

Hang on ... you want to breed with Luke Wilson on FILM?!!!


Will it be a limited release?

Magical_M said...

Goodness - is that how it came across?


I want to co-star in a film with Luke Wilson...

and then breed with him.




Glad that's sorted.