Thursday, September 28, 2006

You're Outta Here

Much as it pains me to write this post...

You set yourself up for it honey. Dixie Chicks are cool (especially because of their anti-George Bush stance). Dolly is a legend.

But Shania??

Even though I still voted for you, because you're a top bird and one of the rare auditionees at the Seymour Centre that week, who actually bothered to talk to us (and apologise if you were disturbing our work day), you shot yourself in the foot by singing Shania Twain.

Kenny Rogers would have been preferable to Shania. Hell, even singing a Keith Urban number might have scored you more votes.

I'm really sorry to see you go and I hope you continue performing. Release an album of Dixie & Dolly and I'll buy it for sure. Just don't put Shania on there. She's painful to the ear.

Before I go however, I must say one thing. OK, three things.

1. It astonishes me that Sideshow Bobby dodged a bullet this week. He should've at least been in the bottom 3. Bad song choice, bad performance. So he's missing his family. Well cry me a freakin' river Bob. You're there to perform. So perform.

2. Mutto. Yes he was sick, but if you're sick you work with what you can do and try not to go for the high notes. He must leave. Soon.


That is all.



blenny said...

I just knew someone who quotes a fabulous phrase like "sauteed in wrong sauce" would also have worthy things to say about this weeks Oz idol train wreck. I too, really like Klancie and was dumbfounded by her performance this week. Who let those movement coaches near her? why didn't they tell her to stop running her fingers through her hair and and giving saucy looks to the camera? Oh right,they are the ones that suggested she try standing, legs askew, shaking her hair. She looked so awkward, poor love. Mutto massacred one of my favourite songs and i just dont understand how he at least wasn't in the bottom 3.You know, i reckon Bobby just had a shit week but they are so in love with his 'talent', they just can't believe he could stuff up like the mere mortals in the comp. They kinda of forced those lameass excuses out of him i think, when he probably knew he'd just buggered up.

Enny said...

agreed, agreed, agreed.

I reckon if she's sped it up a bit she might've had a chance of staying in!

Magical_M said...

Why thank you blenny! And welcome!

Yes, those movement coaches were shocking. Bring back Gavin Robins I say (he was my movement coach at drama school and was Idol movement coach until this year and is AMAZING.)

And enny... yes, too slow.

Perhaps if she'd taken a non-country song and made it country? Or made a country song punk, like old Lee "I'm-trying-so-hard-to-be-punk-but-I-really-don't-know-how to" Harding used to do.

BEVIS said...

My review of this week is finally up now, too.

My commiserations to you. (I mean that, even though I didn't think very much of Klancie.)