Monday, September 04, 2006

Vote Now!!

Awesome. She got a wild card entry. And belted out a great version of "Red Neck Woman" last night.

And screw you Mark Holden... I say bring on a C&W Australian Idol. Its got to be better than that monosybillic Casey Donovan who had no genre, style or personality or Kate D'whatsherface who sings sappy songs for nannas.

Klancie is a top bird and if she doesn't get through tonight I will be seriously pissed off at the teenage voting public.


Oh and well done to the boys... especially my man of the week Mark Williams (8 goals!). 11th place isn't so bad... especially when we finished above Port, Brisbane, the Roos, the Bombers and Carlton. I've got a good feeling about 2007.


MelbourneGirl said...

go hawks!

Magical_M said...

I'm sorry we thrashed you.


Actually, no I'm not. But I expect you would feel the same!!

You did finish higher than us though so that must be some consolation.


elaine said...

She made it...

ps hi!

BEVIS said...

Come on! I'm gettin' sick of reading this "Vote for Klancie" rubbish!